Sunday, February 6, 2011

laughter, The best medicine??

Hepi sungguh.lucu.funny.terhibur.saat macam ni aku teringat pulak kisah si ulat bulu.comei sungguh.muka cute dah tp tkt ult bulu.memory kat kem ulu yam mmg sukar utk dilupakan. mcm2 berlaku.1st, group LOTUS yg sentiasa ceria & menggelikan hati. sungguh hepi masuk group tu..2nd, si ulat bulu..hehehehe..3rd,main rakit:aktvti
dlm air:jungle tracking:night walking..pape pun Lotus terbaik woo..yg pahitnye kene gigit ulut bulu..tmakbul plak ye doa si ulat bulu..pahit pun ada penawar..hehehhehe..utk member2 group LOTUS..saya nak hadiahkan cteR lwk ni kat u'all..thanks for the supporting!! sayang kamoo!!

::Group LOTUS::

Quack Me Up

Funny:A rabbit and a duck went out to dinner. who paid?
(The duck-he had the bill)

A duck walks into a bar. "We don't serve ducks here,"says the bertender.
("that's OK. I just want a drink")

What's the difference between a duck with one wing and a duck with two wings?
(Why? that's a matter of a pinion)

Why is Cinderella bad at sports?
(Because she has a pumpkin for a coach, and she runs away from the ball)

story 1: on the way to a gig, a juggler is stopped by the police. 'What are those machetes doing in your car?' asks the officer. 'I use them in my act'. 'Oh, yeah? says the doubtful cop. "lets see". The juggler starts tossing and catching the deadly blades. "OMG" says a passing driver to his passengers. "I'm glad I quit drinking and driving. Look at the test they're giving you now."

story 2: "A hamburger and fries" a man orders. "me too," says the ostrich sitting beside him. "that'll be $9.40," the waitress says. The man reaches into his shirt pocket and hands her the exact change. They return the next day. Both order a steak and again the man pay with exact change. "how do you do that?" the waitress asks. "A genie granted me two wishes," explains the man. "My first was that I'd always have the right amount of money to pay for anything". "Brilliant!! But what's with the ostrich?" "My second wish was for an exotic chick with long legs who agrees with everything I say."

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